8 Reasons Why I Decided to Write Online

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  1. So good to see you doing this , the content has been eloquently put up. All the best wishes for this new endeavour of yours. Looking forward to read the next ones.
    Good luck brother 👍

  2. It was so original, Piyush…the ideas, feelings, and how you put them.

    I loved it when you said: “(…) writing online is my attempt at maximizing my surface area for serendipity,” and “even if I can help or inspire one person through my writing, I’ll be a delighted man.”

    The latter reminds me of one of my favorite Emily Dickenson poems that I swear by. https://dailypoetry.me/emily-dickinson/if-stop-heart-breaking/

    Your thought is original and inspiring. Keep up the best work, Piyush.

    1. Debayan, thank you for reading. I am so glad you liked it and could connect it to one of your favorite Emily Dickenson poems.

      Hope to see you reading my next posts. Be well.

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